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The Public Professor Site Redesign

cropped-Profile-Picture.jpgFive and a half years after its initial launch, this site is receiving a substantial update for the first time.  Some of it is aesthetics, with new colors, imagery, and font.  Some of it involves updating content.

The “Pages” at the top of the site (eg. “Me” and “Books I Done Written”) are not only renamed, but also updated.  Click inside and see.

In addition, I’ve added two new pages: “Books I Might Write” and “CV.”  The former contains brief overviews of book projects I’m working on.  Beyond the infamous Communities book that was responsible for launching this site but has yet to see the light of day, there are also working manuscripts on music and misadventures from the road.  The “CV” page contains my Curriculum Vitae, which is what professors call their resumé.  Is our pretentious Latin name for it better than your pretentious French name for it?  Who knows.  The bottom line is, we’re all pretentious.


P.S. Yes, I’ll keep blogging here on the front page.  If you’d like to sign up for email notifications, or get them via Facebook or Twitter, that’s just to the right near the top of any page.  Viva la blog! (That’s pretentious Spanish for, “None of this stuff ends up on my resumé.”

Watch the Wheels Come Off the Wagon of Southern Rock

The Outlaw.You’ve been an on-again, off-again working band for a decade.  During that period, there have been numerous breakups and seemingly endless lineup changes.  After years of grinding and uncertainty, you finally hit it big in 1975.  You get signed to a major label.  Your eponymous, debut album goes gold.  You’ve been assigned to a niche, what people are now calling Southern Rock, a genre that your band pre-dates.  You have a single that does okay.  You have a nickname; the lineup changes that somehow led you to a trio of guitarists has now been dubbed the “Florida Guitar Army.”  And you have an opus.  The last song on your album is worthy of your niche predecessors, the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  It’s over 9 minutes of kick ass, balls to the wall rock n roll.

Then it all starts to wobble. Continue reading Watch the Wheels Come Off the Wagon of Southern Rock

Eating Iceland

I am recently returned from Iceland, the land waddling puffins, roaring volcanoes, and horses that look like Justin Bieber.

It was my first time visiting, and before arriving, I didn’t know much about this nearly arctic island other than some vagaries about vikings and banking scandals.  So I had very little in the way of preconceived notions about the cuisine, and didn’t expect anything in particular.

It turns out the food was quite good.  There’s lots of soup, and I’m a whore for soup, so that was a good match.  Also tons of seafood, which is another favorite of mine, although it doesn’t quite drive me to walk the streets with a handkerchief dangling behind my shoulder. Continue reading Eating Iceland