scrollAkim D. Reinhardt
History Department
Towson University
8000 York Road
Towson, MD  21252
(410) 704-3932

Ph.D. in History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2000)
Specializations: Native American, American West
Minor Field: World History (Asia and Africa)
Languages: Lakota Sioux, French
Dissertation: “A Government Not of Their Choosing: Pine Ridge Politics from the Indian Reorganization Act to Wounded Knee”: John R. Wunder, Adviser

M.A.   Hunter College, City University of New York (1995)
Major Field: American History
Thesis: “Cankpe Opi: An Analysis of Wounded Knee, 1973”: Dolores Greenberg, Adviser

B.A.    University of Michigan (1989)
Major: East Asian History

Academic Positions
Professor: Towson University (2016- )
Associate Professor: Towson University (2007 – 2016 )
Assistant Professor: Towson University (2001 – 2007)
Post-Doctoral Research Associate: Arizona State University (2000 – 2001)
Instructor: University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1999 – 2000)

Welcome to the Oglala Nation: A Documentary Reader in Oglala Lakota Political History. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2015.  ISBN: 978-0-8032-6846-3

Ruling Pine Ridge: Oglala Lakota Politics from the Indian Reorganization Act to Wounded Knee.  Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 2007.  ISBN:  0-8967-2601-0
Award: 2008 Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize from the Center for Great Plains Studies
Paperback Edition Spring, 2009

“Seeing Pine Ridge: A Review of Sober Indian/Dangerous Indian, Thunder- Being Nation, and The Battle for Whiteclay,” in Great Plains Quarterly 36:1 (Spring 2016): 53-64.

“Theory and Discipline: New Trends in Modern American Indian History,” in History: Reviews of New Books 39:3 (July 2011): 67-70.

“The Imperial Coin,” with Heather Gautney in Peace and Change 35:1 (January 2010): 146-63.

“Tribal Government Authority Versus Federal Jurisdiction,” with John R. Wunder Treaties with American Indians: Agreements, Conflict, and Sovereignty, 3 vols.  Donald L. Fixico, editor  (Santa Barbara and Boulder: ABC-CLIO, 2008), 1:161-78.

“Spontaneous Combustion: Wounded Knee, 1973,” Reprint in Richmond Clow, editor, The Sioux in South Dakota History (Pierre: South Dakota State Historical Society Press, 2007): 257-70.
Award: 2008 Bronze IPPY (Anthologies) presented by Independent Publisher Magazine
Originally appeared in South Dakota History 29:3 (Fall 1999): 229-44.

“Defining the Native: Local Print Media Coverage of the National Museum of the American Indian,” American Indian Quarterly 29:3&4 (Summer/Fall 2005): 450-64.

“A Crude Replacement: The Indian New Deal, Indirect Colonialism, and the Pine Ridge Reservation,” The Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 6:1 (Spring 2005).

“Indigenous People in the American West” (chapter) in Western Places, American Myths: How We Think About the West, Gary Hausladen, editor. (Reno: University of Nevada Press, 2003), 184-203; paperback reprint, 2006.

Select Public Essays
“Coming to Terms with Baltimore,” Press Box, January 30, 2013.

“Cherokee Civil Wars,” and “The Press and the Cherokee Citizenship Case,” The Public Professor
reprinted by The University of Illinois Department of Anthropology Blog

“The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” The Huffington Post, January 7, 2011.

“A Living Memoriam: Charles Rangle,” The Huffington Post, December 8, 2010

“What History, and the Budget, Bode for the Tea Party,” with Mark Blyth, of Brown University in
Triple Crisis, November 15, 2010

“Christine O’Donnell and Jimmy McMillan Walk Into A Bar,” The Contemporary Condition, October 25, 2010

“Les Deux Faces de la Médaille Impériale” with Heather Gautney in La Pensée, no. 350 (April/June, 2007): 33-41.

“New England Indians and the Law” with John R. Wunder of the University of Nebraska in The Encyclopedia of New England (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005), 929-32.

“American Indian Movement” Encyclopedia of the Great Plains (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004), 705-06.

“John Trudell,” Encyclopedia of the Great Plains (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004), 548-49.

“Jimi Hendrix” The Sixties in America (Pasadena: Salem Press, 1998).

Select Conferences
Presented: “Literary Images of Indigenous People at the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition,” Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Lincoln, Nebraska (2016)

Keynote: “The Perils of Going Public: Ward Churchill, Steven Salaita, Laura Kipnis, and Accidental Leadership,” Association of Leadership Education, Washington, D.C. (2015)

Local Arrangements: Historians Against War, Baltimore and Towson, Maryland (2014)

Presented: “Un-Thanksgiving Day Celebrations,” Western History Association, Denver, Colorado (2012)

Presented: “More Indian than Russell Means: Identity Construction on Pine Ridge Reservation,”  National Museum of American Indians at the Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. (2010)

Commentator: Panel, “Native American and Self-Identity,” Western History Association, Lake Tahoe, Nevada (2010)

Presented: “Contested Meanings of Indigeneity: Indians, Jews, and Self-Identity in Modern America,” Jews, Native Americans and the Western World Order: A Symposium at Columbia University, New York City (2010)

Chair/Commentator: “Policy, Governance, and Reform,” Native American and Indigenous Studies, Minneapolis (2009)

Presented: “More Indian than You,” Organization of American Historians, Seattle (2009)

Presented: “The Changing Nature of Colonialism in Native America,” Revisiting Indian Nations: Transatlantic and Transcultural Perspectives in Native American History, Tutzing, Germany (2009)

Presented: “American Colony: Pine Ridge Reservation in the 20th Century,” Paul A. Olson Seminars in Great Plains Studies at the Center for Great Plains Studies, Lincoln, Nebraska (2008)

Commentator: Panel Native American and Indigenous Studies, Athens, Georgia (2008)

Presented: “The Imperial Coin,” Historians Against the War, Atlanta, Georgia (2008)

Commentator: Panel American Society for Ethnohistory, Tulsa, Oklahoma (2007)

Presented: “Indigenous Responses to the Ongoing Legacy of U.S. Colonialism in the Mid-Late 20th Century” Western History Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2007)

Presented: “Lakota Political Values, U.S. Political Values, and the Debate over Governing Pine Ridge Reservation” Organization of American History, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2007)

Presented: “Bombs Above and Below: Pine Ridge Reservation and the American Military” American Society for Environmental History, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (2007)

Chair/Commentator: “Bio-graphing Border Lives Beyond the Archives” American Society for Ethnohistory, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2005)

Presented: “The Coming Storm: Dick Wilson’s Pine Ridge Presidency Prior to Wounded Knee”     The Western History Association, Phoenix, Arizona (2005)

Presented: “Indirect Colonialism and Pine Ridge Reservation: Economic Control, Federal Authority and Mitigated Sovereignty” Shaping the American West: A New Western Ethic for the 21st Century, Snowbird, Utah (2005)

Presented: “Political Conflict among the Lakotas” Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, Nebraska (2003)

Presented: “Early IRA Politics on the Pine Ridge Reservation,” Mari Sandoz Society Symposium,  Chadron, Nebraska (2001)

Session Chair: “The Cultural Power of Goods: Settlers, Missionaries, and Indians,” Western History Association, San Antonio (2000)

Presented: “Jesse Ed Davis: Plains Musician,” Center for Great Plains Studies Symposium, Lincoln, Nebraska (1999)

Presented: “Contesting the Missouri: Lewis and Clark, the Lakota Sioux, and Cultural Convergence in the West,” Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, Nebraska (1998)

Presented: “Spontaneous Combustion: The Roots of Wounded Knee, 1973,” Northern Great Plains History Conference, Bismark, North Dakota (1997)

Professional Organizations
Native American and Indigenous Studies
Western History Association
Organization of American Historians

Manuscript Reviews
University of Nebraska Press
South Dakota State Historical Society Press
University of Oklahoma Press
Texas Tech University Press
World Book Press
University of New Mexico Press
Blackwell Publishers

Journal of American History
Native American and Indigenous Studies
American Indian Quarterly
Contemporary Political Theory
Western Historical Quarterly
Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History
Public Finance Review
Great Plains Research (2005)

Select Book Reviews
Clyde Warrior: Tradition, Community, and Red Power by Paul MacKenzie-Jones in South Dakota History 46:1 (2016)

Red Skins White Masks: Rejecting the Politics of Colonial Recognition by Glen Coulthard in Contemporary Political Theory 15:1 (2016)

A Generation Removed: The Fostering and Adoption of Indigenous Children in the Postwar World by Margaret Jacobs in Nebraska History 96:2 (2015).

Encyclopedia of the American Indian Movement by Bruce Johansen Great Plains Quarterly 35:2 (2015)

American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890 by Jerome Greene in Western Historical Quarterly 46:2 (2015)

Hippies, Indians, and the Fight for Red Power by Sherry L. Smith in American Historical Review 118:3 (2013).

A Separate Country: Postcoloniality and American Indian Nations by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn in Great Plains Quarterly 32:1 (2012).

American Indians and the Fight for Equal Voting Rights by Laughlin McDonald in Journal of American History 99:1 (2012).

The Lakotas and the Black Hills: The Struggle for Sacred Ground, by Jeffrey Ostler in Great Plains Quarterly 31:3 (Summer 2011)

Broken Treaties: United States and Canadian Relations with the Lakotas and the Plains Cree, 1868-1885 by Jill St. Germain in American Historical Review 115:3 (June 2010)

The Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder and Other True Stories from the Nebraska-Pine Ridge Border  by Stew Magnuson in Great Plains Quarterly. 29:4 (Fall 2009)

The Third Space of Sovereignty: The Post-Colonial Politics of U.S.-Indigenous Relations by Kevin Bruyneel in Journal of American History 95:2 (September 2008)

Uneven Ground: American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Law by David E. Wilkins and K. Tsianina Lomawaima in The Journal of San Diego History 50:3/4 (Summer/Fall 2003-2004)

Ojibwa Warrior: Dennis Banks and the Rise of the American Indian Movement by Dennis Banks and Richard Erdoes in Great Plains Quarterly 25:2 (Spring 2005).

The Sioux: The Dakota and Lakota Nations, by Guy Gibbon in H-AmIndian (June 29, 2004).

Like A Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee, by Paul Chaat Smith and Robert Allen Warrior in Great Plains Quarterly (Fall, 1998).

Select Public Presentations
“Understanding College” Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, Hagerstown, Maryland (March, 2016)

“New Scholarly Trends in the American West” and “20th Century American Indian History” Bryn Mawr (H.S.) Summer Teaching Institute, Baltimore, Maryland (June, 2013)

“Indigenous Identity Construction,” Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville, Maryland (April, 2011)

“Alternative Careers” Career Consultations Symposium, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland (December, 2010-2011)

“American Indians Confront U.S. Expansion in the Age of Jackson” Baltimore City Board of Education (November, 2009)

Presentation: “Which Way West: Multiple Visions of the American West” Maryland Historical
Society (March, 2009)

Consultant and Instructor on Teaching American History Summer Grant with Baltimore City Board of Education (2008-2010)

Consultant to News and Media Organizations
WBAL-AM Baltimore
The Baltimore Sun
WYPR-FM Baltimore
WJZ-TV Baltimore
KZUM-FM Lincoln, NE
The Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star
Incite Pictures

Select Awards
Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize from the Center for Great Plains Studies (2008) for Ruling Pine Ridge: Oglala Lakota Politics from the Indian Reorganization Act to Wounded Knee.  Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 2007.  ISBN:  0-8967-2601-0

Bronze IPPY (Anthologies) presented by Independent Publisher Magazine (2008) for Richmond L. Clow, editor, The Sioux in South Dakota History. (Pierre: South Dakota State Historical Society Press, 2007 [contributing article Spontaneous Combustion: Wounded Knee, 1973″ 257-70].

Towson Academy of Scholars Research Fellowship (2003 – 04)