Dear Readers: Let’s Make Me Bad

professor-plumApparently there’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is Professor Watch List.

In case you hadn’t heard, its a website dedicated to spying on and publicly decrying liberal college professors.  Its mission is to “expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students, promote anti-American values, and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

Anti-American values?  That’s my middle name!

So far they’ve outed about a couple of hundred college professors, a rambling list that is organized by the professors’ first names because maybe  . . . they couldn’t manage anything more sophisticated than hitting the Sort button?

From this long and growing list, highlighted for ridicule on the site’s home page are: a white woman, a Latino, a Jew, two blacks, and an Italian American who, gasp, is “an admitted socialist.”


A look at the longer list reveals some odd choices.  For example, they’re trying to out federal judge and University of Chicago Senior Lecturer Richard Posner.  Never mind that Posner has been a judge for 35 years, is the author of forty (yes, forty!) books, founded a prestigious law journal, and is ranked as the most cited legal scholar of the 20th century.  Because, after all, what do credentials matter when you’re running witch hunt?

The best part, though? Posner is generally seen as a darling of the Conservative set!

He was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan.  He’s a former legal ally of Robert Bork!

True, Posner’s part of what nowadays might be considered the greatly diminished moderate/intellectual wing of the GOP, and has distanced himself from the party’s growing lunacy.  As he said in 2012: “I’ve become less conservative since the Republican Party started becoming goofy.”

And how dare anyone not be lockstep with Conservative ideology.

But Posner’s real crime, according to Professor Watch List?  He has dared to criticize the ogling hagiography bubbling up around Antonin Scalia after his deaththat-harry-potter-professor, calling misbegotten and exaggerated celebrations of the former Supreme Court justice “absurd.”

Oh my.

The Professor Watch List also includes people who have dared to speak the truth, like Rodolfo Acuna.  He has committed the intellectual crime of teaching people that the United States took a large chunk of Mexico by force during the Mexican-U.S. War of 1848, and that Chicanos in the United States face oppression.

Or famous animal rights activist Peter Singer, who questions the personhood of fetuses and does not equate abortion with murder.  Can you imagine?

Or Heather Cox Richardson, whose research I’ve cited in my own academic publications.  She had the temerity to point out that some Conservatives might attack the mainstream media because transparency threatens power.  Uppity woman!

And of course, what lunatic right wing shit-flinging festival would be complete without an assault on sociologist Francis Fox Piven?

The best they could come up with?  Piven wants to expand welfare.  Yes, she encouraged poor people to sign up for welfare.  That’s a her big crime.  What a savage she must be.

But here’s what perturbs me most: How am I not on this list?

Clearly, I’m not doing my job.  I thought I was teaching my students the truth about U.S. colonialism.  I thought I taught them about the history of racism and sexism.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  But apparently that’s not enough.

Honestly, people, what else do I have to do?

Maybe they need to hear from you, my loyal readers who know firsthand what a jackass I can be.  So here’s the website’s tip line where they encourage people to tattle on naughty professors who might not be Conservative ideologues.

I just ratted myself out to them with the following note:

prof-indiana-jonesI’m not nearly accomplished enough to be mentioned in the same breath as people like Richard Posner, but gosh, anything I can do to make this esteemed list.  Please consider me.

So please go to their website and ask them to add me to their list of dirty, dangerous, and possibly not white professors.  Feel free to mention that I’m half-Jewish; maybe that’ll get me over the hump.  If we pull together, we can make me bad!

7 thoughts on “Dear Readers: Let’s Make Me Bad

  1. When colleges have to create “Safe Zones” for the supposedly shell shocked victims of a Trump win then I can only assume that in some bastions of higher learning its neither higher or learning in any sense of those two words. Apparently the left thinks that free speech is just fine if they agree with it. If not its either racist or your some kind of Gay Basher that yearns for the good old days of National Socialism.

    Many of these young minds have come from a alternate reality where the word never uttered by their socially conscious parents was “NO”. They thought by saying a thing enough times to like minded people that it became “truth”. Don’t upset little Jane or Joe its not good for their self esteem or the family dynamic. Just a bunch of 70’s loons raising self absorbed social activists living half lives of make believe.

    I believe that this childish thinking was egged on by their instructors and professors out of what they saw as “injustice” to a segment of the country and a fear of their loss of employment or never getting tenure. Better to be popular then looked on by a review board as “to right wing”. They forgot that when people are in fear of their jobs or that their economic situation is becoming ever more insecure they only think about what they can do to survive. These esoteric pronouncements by the so called great leftist thinkers means nothing to workers in the Rust Belt or what is sneeringly called “flyover country”.

    Does any lefty really think that over 60 million people who voted for Trump or the minor candidates are all uneducated nuts and bigots? That most of them voted as low informational voters? The weakness of that argument is almost laughable.

  2. I think many of those 60 million were addressed in the Public Professor’s essay when he mentioned Heather Cox Richardson “whose research I’ve cited in my own academic publications. She had the temerity to point out that some Conservatives might attack the mainstream media because transparency threatens power” Sadly, not laughable.

  3. People did not vote for Trump because he was a Republican or that they had conservative views. or that his base was made up of racist loons. They voted for him because they saw in him (right or wrong) as a person who seems to be able to operate outside a system they are increasingly afraid of that seems to be working against their interests as defined by them.

    Meanwhile the left wing of the Democratic party is into social change and fairness as defined by people like Pelosi and Ellison. They thought that the election was little more then a far gone conclusion and that a person who was part of the problem would get elected with little real effort. Sneering at the very voters she thought were “rather deplorable” In their hubris Mrs Clinton and the far left forgot their voters and basically forgot that American elections are for the most part decided by how it affects voters wallets and not some idea of social justice as defined by either major party.

    I personally think that Trump and Mrs Clinton were two sides of the same coin that when you flipped it heads you lose and tails I win. Mr Trump’s election or Clinton’s defeat will not really change much for people who work for a living.

    Yes the American dream is in trouble. We have to either face the reality of a global marketplace and compete for market share or have a slow decline to the bottom. Does anybody think people who need “safe zones” because they did not get their way are up to the task of competing on any level?

  4. You are kind of like those celebrities who resented not being on the Nixon/Haldeman/Ehrlichmann bad-guy list. Good luck.

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