God Bless the #Millennials

According to a new poll, Donald Trump’s approval rating among voters age 18-30 is a measly 22%.

For those of you who really dig fractions, that’s less than a quarter.  Barely a fifth.

But wait.  It gets better.

A clear majority of these voters (57%) don’t just disapprove of the orange hair pie; they think his presidency is downright illegitimate.

Plain old disapproval?  That would be the 70% who don’t like his demeanor, and the whopping 80% who disapprove of his policies.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: God Bless the Millennials.

I don’t care if they can’t tie their own shoes.  Lord knows they’re the only thing standing between us and Ronald McDonald totalitarianism (that last line works on a couple of levels; think about it).

So quit bitching and buy them a pair of velcro sneakers or comfortable, microfiber moccasin loafers so they can enjoy playing a little Pokemon Go! or Candy Crush or whatever the hell it is they wanna do when they’re not busy saving us from ourselves.

Christ, if you don’t even care about our nation anymore, at least do it for Whitney.


4 thoughts on “God Bless the #Millennials

  1. It’s because they’re less white. White Millennials tend to be more libertarian and conservative than the non-whites of their age group and more than Generation X were, and certainly the Boomers, from what I’ve gathered. And Trump, while not racist and basically a moderate and civic nationalist, came to be seen as the white American candidate, in no small part thanks to the Democratic Party-corporate mainstream media.

    No offense but you come across as kind of shrill and adolescent at times, which is fitting considering you’re praising the Millennials here. And all the name calling. “Orange Hitler” etc. Something to note is how common this is with liberals and the left these days. Whitney Houston? Hmmm, wait are you also gay? Nothing necessarily wrong with that, just saying. I don’t like Ronald McDonald Totalitarianism either. You people would not be throwing an ongoing hissy fit if Hillary Clinton had been selected as planed. So many criticisms of the system and U.S. government would apply just as much if not in some ways more, but you’d be making a fraction of the noise, because Hillary Clinton won.

    1. Gosh Kurt, I’m starting to wonder why you bother leaving comments on this website. I mean, I wonder about trolls in general (as opposed to thoughtful critics looking for honest engagement), and you obviously fall into that category. Are they driven by ideology? Loneliness? Anger? Either way, you seem to be hooked on trying to insult and incite me. I must say, it’s a little odd.

      If I were vain, I’d take it as a compliment. If I were insecure, it would make me angry. If I cared a little more, it would make me sad.

      As is, it’s just a mildly interesting puzzle that I don’t have the inclination to spend much time or energy solving. Rather, I’ll just take your ramblings at face value and react accordingly.

      To cite just some of those ramblings thus far: you’ve now twice wondered aloud about my sexuality even though I haven’t brought it up; misquoted me (I’ve never called Trump “Orange Hitler”); misrepresented my views (I never equated Trump with Hitler in any way, and in fact have repeatedly written that he’s even not a fascist, much less anything like Hitler); made inaccurate assumptions about me (I’ve never been a Democrat, much less an HRC supporter); and hurled various epithets at me (eg. called me a “shithead”).

      I’ve given you multiple chances to comment here, but enough’s enough. As of now, my reaction to all this is that I’ll simply delete your comments going forward if they continue to include these kinds of dishonesties and ad hominem attacks. It’s not because of your politics; people sometimes disagree with me here about politics and that’s not at all a problem. Rather, It’s because you’re behaving like an angry, snarky asshole, and life’s too short.

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