ride em high (katz wedding 2015)Akim Reinhardt was born and raised in the Bronx where he attended public schools.  After earning a B.A. in Asian History from the University of Michigan (1989), he spent several years working odd jobs, including as a radio DJ and freelance writer for alternative weeklies.  Less glamorous positions period included: dishwasher, prep cook, day laborer, leafleter, midnight shift in a hospital radiology department, doorman (no epaulettes), and rock concert stage hand (not as glamorous as it sounds).

In 1992 he returned to the Bronx and eventually earned an M.A. in American history from Hunter College, City University of New York under the tutelage of Dr. Dolores Greenberg (1995).  Along the way he took coursework at the CUNY Graduate Center and Columbia University.

While working his way through the master’s program, jobs included video store clerk, envelope stuffer, and substitute history teacher in public and private high schools in the Bronx.

From 1995-2000, Reinhardt lived in Lincoln, Nebraska while pursuing a Ph.D. in American Indian history at UNL under Dr. John R. Wunder, with a secondary field in the American West.  During his time in Nebraska, he returned to public radio, spending five years as a DJ at KZUM-FM.  He also spent four years volunteering with the Indian men’s group Native American Spiritual and Cultural Awareness (NASCA) at Nebraska State Penitentiary, and he played a lot of softball; good glove, no stick.

After receiving his doctorate, Reinhardt took a post-doctoral position at Arizona State University.  His primary responsibility was running H-AmIndian, one of the early lists on H-Net.  Despite his technological shortcomings, with the help of a wonderful staff of graduate students he oversaw the creation of H-AmIndian’s website.

During the first year of his three-year term at ASU, he received a tenure track offer from Towson University in Baltimore.  Beginning as an assistant professor in 2001, he was tenured and promoted to associate in 2007, shortly after the publication of his first academic book, Ruling Pine Ridge.  In 2016 he was promoted to full professor after the publication of his second Academic book, Welcome to the Oglala Nation.

In addition to academic scholarship, Reinhardt has also written widely for the public.  As an undergraduate he wrote about music for The Michigan Daily.  Afterwards, he worked as a freelance journalist for alternative weeklies in southeast Michigan.  Since 2010 he has written monthly essays for 3 Quarks Daily and additional pieces at this website.  In 2016, he co-authored  coffee table book, The Twentieth Century in 100 Moments, with Heather Rounds.

Over the years Reinhardt has cris-crossed the United States numerous times, in various directions, driving a variety of not very good cars, both for research and personal pursuits.  During the autumn of 2014, he drove over 9,000 miles, circling the country while oNot Bobn sabbatical to conduct research and catch up with far flung friends.

He has lived in the same Baltimore row home since 2003.  There are three chihuahuas next door.  Two of them are quite sweet.

The views expressed on this website, including those about that third chihuahua named Bob, are entirely Akim Reinhardt’s and in no way reflect the policies or opinions of Towson University.